Expire | Pretty Low

This one fucking rips. Very stoked for the new record 

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relationship status: (drives through the night while 80s synthpop plays in the background)

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damian wayne, robin. 

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takes a selfie with your dead body


The Force always strives for balance. The Emperor is an agent of darkness and destruction. It is inevitable that a champion of the light will one day rise to oppose him. I may be that champion.- Revan

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The Last Emperor

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Pantera - I'm Broken

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Trapped Under Ice - Stay Cold

Lost concepts of reality
Make loose the screws that secure my sanity
I take a look at my life
What it’s all about
The answers bring me pain
And I want out

I pulled you close because the world failed us both
Always knowing nothing could stay gold
The navigator of pain points my way once more
I will always stay cold

You can’t hurt me anymore
I stay cold forevermore

So alone
But you can’t hurt me anymore

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Melody, Save Me (x)

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Angel Du$t - Rage

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Happy Easter!

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